Germany Munich, November 15th, 2017: Glossary for the High-Tech-Service and Solution Business available

Glossary Intro EN

Within an international and cross-community project, the CFSMI, the various AFSMI Chapter in Europe and the KVD present the first glossary for the High-Tech Service and Solution Business. In 2012, within an inventory of nearly 150 AFSMI practitioners, the lack of terminology as the basis for standardization was identified as a major bottleneck factor for further business development. The following goals were subsequently defined:

  • Creation of an English / German glossary for practice and for education and training
  • Focus on the B2B market with a focus on high-tech service and solution business.
  • The technical areas include, in particular, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, information and communication technology, medical technology, aviation and logistics. Connectivity to the platform model of acatech with infrastructure, hardware, software, service as the technical basis for Industry 4.0 and digitization.
  • As far as possible based on existing international standards, such as ISO, IEC, IEEE, EN., ...
  • Consideration of further guidelines of various cross-sectional disciplines.
  • Connectivity to business and quality management, with process and project management.
  • Focus on proven terms, typically at least 5 years in practice in the sense of Good Service Practice as the basis for service excellence.
  • Also usable as a lexicon for translations.
  • To quickly close the backlog of standardization, free access to both the Internet and the mobile is sought.
  • Build and maintain a corresponding development platform in the cloud.

Since 2015, a working group within the Center for Education, Research and Transfer has identified around 1600 terms with more than 7,000 information elements. Furthermore, numerous glossaries were evaluated. Subsequently, the present approx. 350 terms were provisionally prioritized. In a joint workshop at the DIN e.V. end of 2016 in Berlin and in the summer of 2017 at the VDI in Dortmund, the interim results were reviewed and the next steps initialized. In a next step, the most informative international standards and guidelines were examined in order to find out to what extent reasonably practicable definitions can be found. Especially here a very heterogeneous standardization in the field of industrial cream services was confirmed. The definitions found are still preliminary and have not yet been comprehensively evaluated. Where definitions were found, reference is made to the DIN TERMinologieportal of the DIN e.V. by link, alternatively to the Online Browsing Platform (OBP) of the ISO. Both platforms represent a significant step forward, even if not all concepts of standards could be found. Where important terms of the practice were not found, other sources, such as guidelines, guides, glossaries and Wikipedia are used. Although nothing was found here, halfway fitting definitions have been modified or preliminary definitions themselves have been presented. Missing translations have been provisionally added and marked.

  • The next steps will be carried out in an extended framework with the interested public. The results will be published and maintained here.
  • For the general feed back we ask for e-mail, see below, with the subject line: High Tech Service and Solution Glossary.
    Interested parties for participation in the development team, even for sub-aspects, can also contact us here.
  • For the special feed back to individual terms, the development platform will be expanded accordingly, the availability of which we will communicate from the beginning of 2018.
  • Relevant terms are agreed with interim definitions with the interested public.
  • References and definitions are then reconciled.
  • In the meantime, a fundamental categorization of the terms is desired, e.g. Service, Technology, Business, General.In the meantime, a categorization of the terms will occur according to the service life cycle, e.g. Management, marketing, development, sales, service provision, controlling, resources).
  • In the meantime, a categorization of the terms is completed according to the context. The layout is still in progress.
  • In the meantime, an overview of the references including a link to the overviews or, if available to the public, about the content is created.
  • For the time being, until the end of 2019, an experience report is planned for the lessons learned and open points

With the explorer search functions you can search completely for terms, also within the definitions stationary and mobile. With the non-binding links you come to the pages of Din-Term (Register for free at the first call) or Online Browsing Platform (OBP) for ISO standards.
Note: Since the terms within the DIN term as well as in the OBP database are subject to constant care, it can not be ruled out that in the meantime the terms change or are no longer available. As an aid the references of the version year of the original standard are given. We ask for your understanding and a short info if you notice this.
On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank the entire development team for their extensive involvement, especially in the prioritization. We wish you every success with the new glossary and for further development within the next 2 years.