Bonn, 30.05.2012. EPISIS-Broschure is available

Service Innovation in Europe - Good Practice, Methods & Tools for SME published by Project Management Organization at the German Arerospace Center, Bonn

with participation of AFSMI German Chapter as a PDF or print version including CD.

Dr. Martin Faust, Executive Director, Consultancy and Software Support Océ Printing Systems GmbH, a Canon Group Company stated: In recent years much has been accomplished in the high-tech services domain, but there are still challenges ahead. Globally, Germany is well known and respected for its “Made in Germany” high-quality products. However, high-tech services have not quite reached that same level overall. It is important to note that high-quality and durable products also require sophisticated high-tech services throughout the entire product lifecycle. It becomes a key diff erentiator for manufacturers in the global market by putting the focus on the customer and keeping it there. The benefi ts of implementing and maintaining hightech services are multifold. Océ Printing Systems has seen its high-tech business and workflow consulting services lead to the development of innovative and highly productive digital print solutions. These open up new business opportunities as well as securing the continued customer loyalty that comes from our long-term policy of maintaining and protecting their customer investment.