Brussels, 27.11.2014 MSEE Final Workshop in Brussels

“By 2015, novel service-oriented management methodologies and the Future Internet universal business infrastructure will enable European virtual factories and enterprises to self-organize in distributed, autonomous, interoperable, non-hierarchical innovation ecosystems of tangible and intangible manufacturing assets, to be virtually described, on-the-fly composed and dynamically delivered as a Service, end-to-end along the globalised value chain.” (MSEE Vision)
The final workshop of the MSEE (Manufacturing SErvice Ecosystem) project will be held on November 27th, 2014 at Centre Borschette in Brussels, with the aim to introduce the break-through outcomes, lessons learnt, best practices and recommendations by MSEE in the journey towards a fully servitised manufacturing industry.

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CERT Comment:

It was an interesting presentation of an European manufactoring research project at the interface to services. Never the less many relevant success factors within a service industry like relevant service competencies or the main differences between manufactoring and services to overcome where not mentioned. In a presentation focussed meeting without many external partners from business or intermediates beside project partners potential relevant transfer outcome for business was limited compared to the above MSEE Vision.