AFSMI September/October News in English

veröffentlicht am 22.09.2018

Take benefits from these events and insights


  • Attend "Are You Ready for Servitization" 101st Chapter Meeting (11th December from 9-5 pm) in Gelnhausen
    • The move from product to services requires your expertise on board level. Don't miss this opportunity! Please Register!Event Information
  • Attend "Right Online Strategy for your Service Strategy" Regional AFSMI Meeting in Stuttgart on Wednesday 24th October at 6:30 pm
    • Tim Bernsmann, expert in Online Marketing/Strategy will kick-off by showing the status, potential and successes of the right online strategy for profitable business growth and customer success. Then we discuss, how to apply this in the today's service and support business and ensure everybody will leave the event with a plan. Register for the free Meetup
  • Attend NPS Webinar on 18th October at 4pm
    • Are you consistently aware about your customer's pain points with your service and products and act on those in a focused way? No, then attend the NPS webinar from Customer Experience Expert Maurice FitzGerald. He will provide insights and best practices, how to make this happen. Interested? Please send an email to from our international association CFSM.
  • Attend "Virtuelle Techniken im Service" 18th October in Aalen
    • VDC, Wirtschaftsförderung Aalen and AFSMI host this event. We discuss potential of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for Service Engineering, Service-Training, Service-Assistance and Service Documentation with VR and Service experts Register for Event
Articles, books and podcasts recommended by Manfred
  • Must read articles
    • Excellent article on customer retention, how customer service becomes part of marketing by meeting customer expectations and developing reference customersArtikel
    • Great article from Maurice FitzGerald (also mentioned in the above Webinar), how to improve customer success, by working on written feedback gained from NPS surveys Artikel
    • “There is no digital strategy, you need modern Brand and Business Strategies“ says Philipp Lück from KleinundPläcking. Core is to change perspective from inside to outside in and look at all touch points the customer has with your products and services! Artikel
  • Manfred‘s PodCast of the month
    • I became a podcast enthusiast in the last years and during commuting I learned a lot. One of the best podcasts is from Rob Markey around Customer Experience. Subcribe to this free podcast in your podcast app and listen, promised you will learn new insights! NPS Podcast Website
  • Book of the month: Reinventing Organizations from Frederic Laloux found at Website of the month:
    • Read Dennis Fischer’s summary about the book Reinventing Organizations from Frederic Laloux, which makes big appetite to read the book, as it describes the evolution of organization models towards self managed evolutionary models and dives deep into an medical care example in the Netherlands. Dennis Fischer summaries every week books and provides summary on his website. Make it to your favorite! Artikel