1. International Roundtable: Short case study about developing a Customer Portal

Online Zoom-Meeting (English)

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AFSMI drives international cooperation between B2B service experts

What do we talk and discuss about?

Customer Portal, what are the hidden challenges?

Collaborating with peers can fast track projects, help generate new ideas and increase participants’ confidence levels improving the chances of success. We show how in a short case study about developing a Customer Portal.

A customer portal lets your customers past your company’s reception desk and exposes your inner business processes to them. Some, like Amazon, have made it their core business and do it well but for many, it can sometimes be like getting caught without any clothes on. In one word: embarrassing.


  1. AFSMI session opening (Wolfgang Krenkler)
  2. Introduction to Collaboration Project (Nick Frank)
  3. Developing a Customer Portal - Practitioners view
  4. Breakout sessions 30mins
  5. Plenary session is on 20min
  6. Key takeaways from groups
  7. Final Summary (Nick Frank)
  8. AFSMI Closing (Wolfgang Krenkler)


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